The Top Student Party Games for a Cheap Night In

This article was previously written for winchesternewsonline, January 2009.

Contrary to what people may think, videogames can be enjoyed by more than one player at once. These days each of the next-generation consoles include four player support. Below are our top 5 games that will give you hours of multiplayer madness.

5. Scene It? Lights, Camera, Action, available only for Xbox 360

A Quiz game where the players use gamehow-like buzzers to answer hundreds of entertaining questions. Microsoft’s’ answer to Buzz is an upgraded version of the original DVD game can be tons of fun but features questions only to do with movies. Buzz is the better option if you own a Playstation, but for under £20 it’s great value for money.

4. Guitar Hero, available for PS3, Wii, Xbox 360

Imitate your Guitar Heroes as you follow the on-screen notes, Guitar Hero is one of the most popular games on the market right now and it’s multiplayer abilities are where this game truly shines.

3. Wii Sports, available for the Wii

Play golf, boxing, baseball, tennis and bowling without leaving your living room, all through your Wii remote. Great fun, and best of all it’s offered for free when you buy your console! Time Magazine voted it the best game ever made, so get yourself a copy and whip it out for a great laugh at any house party.

2. Buzz Quiz TV, available only on PS3

Up to 8 players can compete with plastic buzzers to represent a virtual game-show in this top party game. Contestants choose questions from a variety of categories (anything from movies to fashion.) Players can also make their own questions or download questions created by players from around the world. The perfect post pub game of bragging rights and at under £40 it’s a real steal.

1. Rock Band, available for PS3, Xbox 360

Imagine Singstar and Guitar Hero rolled into one as you and your friends sing, play guitar and drums to hundreds of famous rock tracks. Fun to watch and the game can never end with new songs able to be downloaded each week. It’ll set you back well over £100 and take over most of your living room but get all your housemates to chip in and you’ve got the perfect game for a social night in!


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