Phonics Activity for TEFL

Phonics doesn’t have to be full boring and repetitive drills and quizzes. Try coming up with short poems or stories using as many phonetically sounds as you can for that particular letter. Here is one I made for ‘Ww’. Read them to your students and see how quickly they will pick up the sound. Try making some yourself for the rest of the phonetic alphabet.



It was the west of Warsaw and Willy the wizzkid was looking through his wooden window on a cold wintery day, when wasps and worms and whales do not wake because the weather is not warm.

Through his wooden window, Willy could see a wise wizard wearing a white, woollen wolf hat from his wardrobe. He had been wandering the windy west for weeks but no one knew why. The wizard looked weak and weary and not well at all. The wizard had a wagon, but with only three wheels. Willy felt sad for the wizard.

Willy invited the wizard in. The wizard was wet but had not washed for weeks and whiffed of a weird smell. The wizards name was Walter.

Willy offered Walter a glass of water and a wad of watermelon and a wallop of waffles and he gave the wizard a wheel for his wagon. The wizard told Willy that he been walking for weeks because he looking for a woman, his wife, Wendy, who went missing one Wednesday.

Walter looked at his watch and waddled to the wonky wooden door but first he thanked Willy and offered him a wish! Willy thought hard and whispered his wish, Walter the wizard winked and went back into the wild.

“Goodbye Walter”, Willy said. As the wizard left he whistled a wonderful walking song that went away with the sound of the winds woos, wees and whirls.



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